Important Info for Our Travelers

Whether it's your first or fiftieth time taking a trip, it's always important to stay up-to-date on important travel regulations from the TSA so you don't end up leaving a bag of packed supplies behind - or worse: forget your passport! Learn more about the TSA's carry-on and checked bag regulations, traveling with children, check-in procedure and more here.

All U.S. citizens must have a passport for air travel outside the country, including infants. If you haven't yet applied for a passport or aren't sure if you're in need of a renewed passport, please visit the U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs website here, or United States Postal Service website here, for more information and to schedule your passport appointment.

If you have questions outside of TSA and passport regulations, please feel free to give us a call at (269) 651-3780 or (269) 273-1088 and we'll be happy to assist you. We look forward to helping make your travel dreams a reality!

Do I Need to Re-Apply for a Passport?

Passport re-application is an option for passengers who have had their passport less than one year and have had a name change due to marriage or other reasons. There is no charge for this form, but you must qualify with terms listed below in order to re-apply for your passport:
  • You're an adult, renewing by mail
  • You need to report your passport as lost or stolen
  • You need to change your name or correct an error

Visa Travel Requirements

For information concerning visa requirements for any country, please visit the U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs website here, then conduct a search for the country to which you'll be traveling. From this page, you will also be able to view any travel advisories posted for that country, if applicable (please pay attention to these advisories as they are important!).